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ST42 Menu and Simplified Instruction

Shannon Tweezers ST42 Introduction

After almost two years of development and testing, six months of user requirements collection, We are excited to introduce this cross-age product, a tool that frees your hands and improves efficiency.

Shannon Tweezers ST42 is an accurate and intelligent LCR meter with a tiny body, which is convenient to distinguish those electronic components and measure their value. A best friend for your hobby and daily life. The new circuit and structural design make it the best electronic tool, as simple as tweezers and as precise as a bench meter.

🎵 Do you remember, the color code of the Resistor?

🎵 Do you remember, the direction of the Diode?

🎵 Do you still, tear down them to Measure?

🎵 It doesn’t matter, Leave all to Shannon Tweezers!

No matter the components are an SMD on board or through-hole package independent, Shannon Tweezers could distinguish them with Accurate test results.

Shannon Tweezers could measure Inductor, Capacitor, Resistor, Diode, LED, and any other discrete devices impedance characteristics.

Main Features

Rich features are easily Controlled by a 4-direction Type with Center-push Function Button.

Measure mode selections: AutoMode/L/C/R/Diode/LED and etc. Shannon Tweezers can distinguish DUT type automatically in AutoMode.

Low excitation voltage ensures the SMD components in-Circuits test. In-circuit test application, bias current introduces much error when the excitation voltage is higher than the forward voltage of diodes, that’s why we can’t get an accurate result by DMM. Shannon Tweezers can select a 0.1Vpp excitation signal for these applications.

Excitation signal frequency: 100/120/1k/10kHz. Multi-Frequency can support different types of components and high range DUT values.

Super accurate, 0.1% basic accuracy for resistors. Shannon Tweezers implement Pseudo Kelvin 4-wire architecture to achieve accurate measurements. Main-parameter and second parameter are all 4 digits.

High dynamic support milliohm to Megohm resistor Auto Identify L/C/R device type and Auto Frequency with Hold Function Novel mechanical design is stable for clamping 0402 components Compact design and Portable

Measurement Demonstration

0.1% standard Resistor test result. All of the test results are within 0.1% accuracy, the resistance value is from 10ohm to 1Mohm, even the excitation voltage is just 0.1Vpp.

5pF Standard Capacitor test result. 4fF peak to peak noise in a few seconds, more than 10 samples.

0402 SMD Capacitor Clamping. It’s easy to clamp a 0402 capacitor and lay it down.

Temperature Drift Test. When DUT is a 1kohm precision resistor, the temperature drift test result is 5ppm/℃.



Design Concept

Shannon Tweezers ST42 uses the latest integration technology to achieve complex impedance measurement. While improving the integration level, ensures low noise, high stability, and easy calibration. In a limited space, a variety of rich functions, ultra-wide frequency range, ultra-large dynamic range, and other complex test modes are realized.

The ultra-low power design allows the product to be used for several hours at a time. In the sleep mode, the ultra-low quiescent current makes the storage time as long as several months.

The mechanical design of the product solves the traditional LCR tweezers’ unstable clamping, large contact impedance, and inflexible keystrokes. The high-strength tweezer arms make the clamping very stable, and easily realize the clamping and measurement of 0402 devices. The gold-plated surface solves the problem of large contact impedance affecting accuracy.

Early Birds

Test Videos

Shannon Tweezers ST42 Calibration Process

Prototype performance demonstration and competitive product comparison

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