We have always listen to customers feedback and made firmware upgrade as needed. For new features and bug fixes, follow this page to upgrade the firmware.

Note1: We provides a command line tool for now, please follow below instructions. Windows, linux, mac are supported, please use corresponding package.

Shannon Tweezers ST42 Firmware Upgrader Instruction Video

Firmware Uploader command line tool

The commandline tool by default downloads the latest firmware from server and push it to device. Please make sure there is internet connectivity before running the tool.

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Firmware Changes

v1.4.3 2022/7/22

Thanks to TheDefPom’s accuracy review video, we fixed the resistor measurement noise bug in v1.4.2.

Please let us know if you encountered any issue with Shannon Tweezers, we definitely will improve it in short time.

The AUTO mode is also suitable discrete resistor measurement. In fact, AC excitation signal with builtin DFT analysis leads to better noise and accuracy performance since the DC offset in circuit is eliminated compared to DC signal measurement.

The DC resistance measurement is now enabled with builtin both 50Hz and 60Hz notch filter, so the noise introduced via long lead and large resistance can be reduced greatly.

version time changes
v1.4.4 2022/7/24 fix DCR auto range may fail when shorted.
v1.4.3 2022/7/21 Fix unstable DC resistance result.
v1.4.2 2022/6/27 fix >100mH level inductor measurement stuck issue, note: a short-calibration should be performed to fix this issue
    fix self-calibration may stuck
    added left/right button function to exit/enter menu
    added alarm for unaccepted button
v1.3.9 2022/6/8 added low battery warnings.
v1.3.8 2022/5/25 fix abnormal battery result when switching between LED and DIODE mode.
v1.3.7 2022/5/15 show forward voltage when no diode detected in DIODE mode.
    allow to set auto-off timer to NEVER.
v1.3.6 2022/5/14 fix auto-off timer in DCR and DIODE mode.